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About us

Meet Romane,

That’s me! The crazy French lady who decided to move to the “country” after years of living in New York City. I put “country” in quotes because my parents would laugh at this country. To them the country side means chickens, cows and a terrible wifi signal. Well, we do have donkeys so that must count for something.

Anyway, getting off topic…

You see, I never liked flowers that much. I know you’re probably like “WHAT?” but hear me out.

Living in cities for so many years I always felt like the flowers I came across smelled like a refrigerator. Shouldn’t a flower smell of earth and the wild? They were missing that magic I knew real flowers had.

That magic from the bouquets my mum would pick on a dewy morning, made of fragrant lilac, wild roses, narcissus and raspberry leaves. It was an explosion of wildness, and bringing it inside was like bringing a piece of the French country side in your own home. It made it one with nature.

Pretty different feeling from the tired, transported, refrigerated city flowers.

The first thing I did when we got our own plot of land was plan for garden. A vegetable garden to be exact. I ended up planting a few flowers to attract pollinators, for the good of the vegetables.

You already know where I’m going with this… The first cosmos opened up and I was mesmerized at how they danced in the wind, the sunflowers were so cheerful and bright I couldn’t help but smile. 

My attention was quickly turned away from the broccoli and tomatoes to these blooms that reminded me so much of growing up in the country side and made me feel so connected to nature.

I am not one to get passionate about something easily, I pick up a hobby and drop it for another the following week. But this was different, it took over my mind and thoughts completely. Ask my husband...

Next thing I know, I had to start a flower farm! I had to grow more beauty and share the abundant blooms with my community, with you.

So here I am, new to this but determined to bring a little piece of this beautiful country side in your life. 

About us
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